There are no two same persons on Earth. Each person is unique and that is why working with each person requires a unique approach.

Darko Mirkovic


“Almost all motivation is self-motivation. When we teach people how to initiate self-responsibility and self-motivation, then we don’t have to worry about their commitment to business results.”


“Many successful people around the world have their mentors. Wise person learns from his own mistakes but even wiser learns from others’ experience.”


“Resourcefulness or agility is one of the most important characteristics of a modern businessman. We make progress while others wait for someone to tell them what to do.”

FOUNDATION OF SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Recognising the dedication to the same values, goals and business ethics, my work was supported by Mr Brian Tracy, one of the world’s main leaders in the field of human potential development. I am a carrier of three international Master licenses:

In previous years, many have worked with me, of which I single out:


People have worked on improving their attitudes, knowledge and skills


Companies from all over the region have worked to improve their results


Business skills trainings and over 100 large performances are weaved into professional experience

I deeply believe that people and companies have more capacity than they use in their endeavours, which is why I have become a motivational speaker, business mentor and entrepreneur. I have developed my career in companies with an exceptional reputation, while at the same time building my companies.

The secrets of human capacity development that I learned from world-renowned experts, I first tested through personal experience, then passed on to clients.



Initiating and strengthening motivation and self-motivation in people


Acquiring a winning edge in sales


Strengthening and training leaders and entrepreneurs


Faith in oneself creates inner strength, while faith in others creates inner peace. Working on yourself creates motivation and ability, while working on others creates a winning team. Through faith and work, we gain a winning edge in a competitive market.

In the last 15 years, I have learned and tested many methods for improving personal and business results. I am ready to share them with everyone who wants more and better than what they have achieved so far. Leading people to success is a great privilege and responsibility, I accepted it from the bottom of my heart.

He is an exceptional motivational speaker and he can help you achieve the results you want, including your sales, greater productivity, higher profit for your company and improved performance for you and your employees. Therefore, if you want to be a step ahead of your competition, Darko and his team will help you achieve your goals. - Brian Tracy, Founder and Director of Brian Tracy International Darko Mirkovic is the Brian Tracy of the Balkans. He is extremely dedicated, educated and passionate about professional development and training. You rarely come across a motivational leader with Darko’s skills, experience and high standards.
If your goal is to improve business, profit and productivity, Darko and his team will help you achieve quicker and measurable results. To all those who seek professional training and business development, I recommend Darko as an inspiring leader who delivers results.
- Andrew Phillips, Director of Brian Tracy Solutions and Director of FocalPoint Coaching
Mr Mirkovic proved to be a very reliable person, since all parts of the agreement were fulfilled in an excellent way, whether time or the quality of consulting services. In addition to that, Darko has an excellent understanding of both the sales process and what motivates sellers. He invested a lot of effort into understanding our situation and our way of thinking in order to provide us with precise answers in order to solve our problems without offering any theoretical stories that could cover any problem in any company. Darko was of great help to us and I am very grateful for that! - Igor Pureta, Chairman of Grawe Croatia Advanced tailor-made sales, communication and leadership skills trainings anyone would want to have an opportunity to attend or organise for their team. Darko is unique and I would always recommend him if you want your team to focus on results and achievements. He is also very pleasant.” - Aleksandra Vunjak, Executive Board Member CRMO at AIK bank It was a pleasure to work with Darko. He is extremely professional, full of support and a great person in general. I look forward to our future joint achievements! - Sabina Mujanovic, Chairman of Vienna Insurance VIG Darko is one of the few with energy to carry over a training to the audience the right way. Very useful and most importantly applicable advice in everyday business life. He will definitely improve your teams regardless of the sphere of business. - Dusan Mihailovic, Member of the Executive Board, Head of Retail Banking at Eurobank It's a real privilege and honor to have Mr. Darko Mirković as a business partner. He has the real-world business experience and optimistic mindset to help people grow and accomplish great things. I really appreciate the time, energy and focus he dedicates to Sberbank BH team, making the work environment a happier and more productive place. He truly lives the values he espouses and applies the skills and methods he teaches. - Jasmin Spahic, CEO at Sberbank Bosnia-Herzegovina


Searching for answers to the question why some people are more successful than others, I became fascinated with the power of the human mind and its extraordinary potential. It is an ocean waiting to be liberated and channelled in the direction of some great good.

We were born with the most sophisticated computer in the Universe, which is called the human brain, but without instructions. During growing up, education and starting our business life, we formed our own automatic processes in the mind, and now they control us.

A person is readier to change the way of thinking only when he gets the answer to the question: Why do I think exactly the way I think? Why do I love something and not something else? Why am I very good at something and not at something else?

How did it come about that I function like this?

Once we realise this within ourselves, flexibility and a desire for change is usually born. Desire, determination and discipline create a change on the way to a winning edge.