How to strengthen the BELIEVE in the formula – Believe and Achieve?

How to strengthen the BELIEVE in the formula – Believe and Achieve?

I asked you on social media what you would like me to write about on the blog, there were several different answers, but what especially caught my attention was a lot of similar questions about this – “How to strengthen the BELIEVE?”

First of all, I want to share with you why I accepted this motto as my own and what it is that drives me.

  1. Belief in success without work is pointless

I have met people who read books on popular psychology and regularly attend motivational seminars in order to strengthen their faith in themselves and success, but unfortunately they have done nothing about it. They did not come to an agreement with themselves that the house should be built by hand, not by imagination. Imagination is necessary for form and design, because everything starts from the mind, but in order to build a house we need a project, money, materials, craftsmen, food, delivery vehicles, tools, supervision and much more. It takes hard work to turn your beliefs into reality. 

  1. Work without belief is like torture

If you do a job you don’t believe in, your days are empty and monotonous. If you work with people you don’t trust, you can never be relaxed and spontaneous. If you set out to develop a business without believing that it will succeed, you are destined to fail or rely on luck. If you are going to build a house without will, design and project, two questions arise:

– What will it look like when it’s complete?

– How much love did you weave into the foundations of that house, that is, will that house ever be a home?

  1. Believe and Achieve has always been a winning combination for me

Did I succeed in every job? I didn’t, but I learned a valuable lesson from every failure. I’ve learned how things should not or cannot be done. Belief is my fuel, positive energy and enthusiasm. What kicks me out of bed in the morning when I’m still sleepy, what keeps me awake behind the wheel when my eyes are tired, what pushes me to take another step when everyone goes home or gives up. Work is what turns my dreams into reality, what shapes them and gives them life.

I will never forget the words of my critical director in the first international corporation I worked for. There were moments when some of my attitudes bothered him a lot and on one occasion he said to me: “You Darko have many flaws, and sometimes I don’t know what to do with you, but you have one extraordinary virtue that no one can dispute – you are incredibly hardworking – nothing is too difficult for you.”

We can learn another lesson from this – if you work hard and achieve good results, people will swallow some of your beliefs that are not in line with theirs. But if you do not work hard and diligently, while at the same time you are full of your beliefs that you want to impose on others, someone will soon approach you with the words: “I believe you would be happier somewhere else.”

Belief and hard work create a virtuous circle

Belief is the fuel, it creates vision and inspiration, while hard work creates concrete actions. The actions then strengthen the belief and drive the added energy for creating even greater actions. If belief and actions together create failure, two scenarios can occur:

  1. Demotivation through facts – fear of failure is activated and becomes dominant
  2. Motivation through positive spite – creating the belief that next time will be better.

About ten years ago, I read in a book that a man at the age of 59 realised that he would have nothing to live on when he could no longer work, so he started selling a recipe for apple pie. He had a great family recipe that was protected.

He was rejected as many as 1,053 times.

The 1,054th time he made a contract with McDonalds. With that contract, he did not want to take money for the recipe, but agreed to a minor percentage of sales and so he earned enough money that next three generations could live without doing anything.

That’s how the famous Dream Pie came about, which you’ve all probably already tried at McDonalds.

Through belief in our work, we gain a winning edge in a competitive market.

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