Why was web portal Bonitet.com launched?

Why was web portal Bonitet.com launched?

We live in times when world news reaches everyone in almost a second.

Negative information and shocking statements have become a great source of revenue and interest.

Today, quantity has become more important than quality, because almost everything is measured on the basis of click intensity.

Today, one’s face and body have a greater impact on the masses than one’s character and work.

A reality show receives more text messages than a humanitarian campaign with a stretched out child’s hand.

Strategy has been replaced by tactics, and the main topics are criticism and politics.

Imagination has replaced contemplation.

Regardless of all the above, as well as my attempt to convey the essence through rhyme, I deeply believe that all this is happening to us for a reason. Nature created man, man did not create nature – one of the basic laws of nature is the law of balance.

Each atom as a basic building block has an identical number of protons and electrons. Atoms differ in number, but their structure within atoms is identical. Protons are positively charged and are located in the nucleus of an atom. Electrons are negatively charged and orbit the nucleus at high speed non-stop. With an identical number of positive and negative particles, the nature has sent us the message that we need to constantly work on balance – we are the strongest when we achieve it.

By positioning negative particles in the envelope of the nucleus, the nature sends us a clear message that we will be surrounded by the negative on the outside, while we can achieve balance if we are filled with the positive on the inside. The bad exists to make people realise the importance of the good.

Everything I mentioned in the first sentences of this text exists in order for as many people as possible to wake up and start working intensively on things that will create balance. One of the main reasons why the Bonitet.com portal was launched is precisely to make a positive contribution to the balance.

Our country (as well as the region) abounds in quality people who have established exceptional companies, top careers and results, employed, trained and motivated a large number of people, raised them to higher levels in their careers, and fed a large number of families. Many of them are also benefactors who help the community or individuals who are endangered by various life circumstances. Unfortunately, there is little place in the media for them.

Hardly any business could do without the adequate support of banks, which provided money for many investment projects, production halls, machines, fleets, working capital. Many people have a greater focus on the level of interest rates and loan costs than on their total income earned by using someone else’s money, although they themselves know that the condition for long-term cooperation is mutual interest. Many families have bought flats, rent has been replaced by loan installment which they repay over a period of 20-30 years, but they still know that the flat or house would eventually be 100% owned by them.

Many say, “I took out 50,000 euros from the bank, and I will return 75,000 euros to them over 25 years”. However, rarely does anyone think how much the money will devalue during that period, or how much the flat will be worth in 25 years due to the increase in real estate prices.

Many built their careers and businesses over the years, worked diligently day and night, took risks and lived frugally in order to gain some material wealth, and then in just a few minutes all that simply disappeared due to a fire or flood. Perhaps it was enough to invest only a few per mile of that value in insurance, thus the whole risk would be transferred to the back of the business system that deals with it professionally.

Over time, people realize that insurance is the only thing in this world that they can’t buy when they need it. Insurance is most similar to a parachute – you may never need it, but if you need it only once, then it will be dire. Here, too, there is often the problem of accurate expectations in terms of the scope and amount of coverage, whether something was included when the policy was signed or not, damage assessment that is sometimes understood in different ways.

Unfortunately, no one mentions the thousands and thousands of examples of millions paid in damages that saved many businesses and property. No one mentions the amount of money paid to people who fell ill with some serious disease. At the moment when everyone else said “poor thing”, an amount of money arrived in the bank account thanks to the insurance policy, which in any way gives them a greater opportunity to afford better treatment.

Taking all this into account we come to simple conclusions:

On the one hand, companies are the driving force of the economy in every country, a wheel that cannot and must not stop. The more positive examples we have and the more people dare to start an entrepreneurial venture, the more economically stable and strong we will be as a society.

On the other hand, banks and insurance companies did not create human needs, but human needs created banks and insurance companies.

Thus, human needs arose first, and financial institutions were created to meet exactly those needs.

The 3 basic needs of most people are:

  1. The need for business achievement and career
  2. The need for health and vitality
  3. The need for family and social fulfilment


The purpose of Bonitet.com portal is to be a special place that will focus on hundreds of positive examples, in which prominent individuals and successful businesses are emphasised on the one hand, as well as financial institutions that have helped and contributed to faster and better realisation of the above human needs on the other hand.

In addition to current business and financial news from the country, the region and the world, the web portal’s editorial staff will constantly look for professional individuals and organisations that contribute to better and more efficient satisfaction of these needs, highlight their impact on providing superior service, and build a bridge of trust between them and clients, partners, colleagues and society as a whole.

In addition to the Bonitet.com portal, the same editorial staff also edits two professional magazines:

  1. Svet bankarstva i investicija (World of Banking and Investments)
  2. Svet osiguranja (World of Insurance)


Our wish is that with the help of these two magazines, together with key people in financial institutions, we work on improving the quality of products and services that they present to the market and a deeper understanding and meeting the needs of their clients.

At the beginning of the project, three values were adopted: proactivity, reliability, professionalism.

Each member of the editorial board has these three values as the guiding star when performing the job.

What we will achieve in this endeavour – no one can know for sure, but together with the members of the editorial board I can promise you one thing: Although we are a small, troubled country in which negativity has become stronger than positivity, we will work every day to establish balance, all together.

That is why we invite you to help us with this by following the work of the Bonitet.com portal. Share with us as many positive examples from the field of business and finance. Thank you in advance for that.

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